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Multimodal AI: Application Areas and Technical Barriers

Introduction to Multimodal AI Multimodal AI refers to artificial intelligence systems that can understand and integrate multiple modalities of data such as text, audio, images, and video. This allows multimodal AI systems to have more robust perception, reasoning, and decision making abilities compared to unimodal AI systems that can only process a single data modality. The key benefit of multimodal AI is that it can leverage the complementary strengths of different data modalities to obtain a more complete understanding of complex concepts and situations. For example, comprehending a news video requires making sense of both the visuals and audio narration. Processing just the audio or just the video in isolation would result in an incomplete interpretation. By combining linguistic and visual analysis, a multimodal AI system can achieve more accurate scene understanding and summary generation. Multimodal machine learning techniques are essential for developing multimodal AI sy