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Cyborg princess created using Fotor by Carlos Lorenzo

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI refers to machine learning techniques that allow computers to synthetically create new content like images, videos, text and audio. The most popular forms used for visual media generation include:

  • Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) - Two neural networks contest to generate increasingly realistic outputs.
  • Variational Autoencoders (VAEs) - Learn compressed data representations to reconstruct new samples.
  • Diffusion Models - Iteratively add structured noise to create outputs.

These AI systems can produce remarkably realistic and diverse images from text prompts. Leading services like DALL-E 2, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion leverage versions of these algorithms.

For digital artists and bloggers, generative AI presents exciting new creative possibilities. Let's look at 18 top options:

1. DALL-E 2 (Free Limited Trial)

DALL-E 2 is one of the most advanced generative AI systems created by OpenAI. It can create incredibly realistic and diverse images from text descriptions. DALL-E 2 employs a transformer architecture and diffusion model trained on vast image and caption data.

2. Midjourney (Paid)

Midjourney is a leading generative AI art platform using a novel Deep Learning and GAN architecture. Its strong community has produced stunning surreal, stylized creations.

3. Stable Diffusion (Free)

Stable Diffusion by Stability AI is an open-source image generation model using diffusion and convolutional networks. Being open source allows great flexibility for artists to build on top of it. Do not miss their latest version of the text-to image model called Stable Diffusion XL 1.0

4. NightCafe Creator (Free)

NightCafe Creator offers text-to-art generation powered by GANs in an easy-to-use web interface. Its features cater well to digital artists.

5. Fotor (Freemium)

Fotor is a popular photo editing app providing AI generated images and content. The AI Artist tool powered by AI algorithms offers hands-free image generation.

6. Adobe Express (Freemium)

Adobe Express provides AI-driven templates, design assets and quick recommendations powered by Adobe Sensei. It makes visually enhanced content creation simple.

7. Canva Photo Generator (Free)

Canva Photo Generator creates unique AI generated images from text prompts or by expanding existing images. Simple browser-based access and completely free to use.

8. Photoshop Express (Freemium)

Adobe Photoshop Express provides AI-powered editing tools and automatic collage creation for elevating mobile photos. The AI section features generation capabilities.

9. Prisma (Free)

Prisma offers a suite of AI photo and video effects for stylish content. Its unique art filters powered by neural networks transform photos into recognizable art styles.

10. Depix (Free)

Depix provides AI-powered image upscaling and restoration. It uses machine learning to enlarge and enhance pixelated low-resolution images while preserving natural details.

11. (Free) is an intuitive generative AI art studio accessible via web browser. It offers quick image generation powered by stable diffusion models and an easy way to iterate creations.

12. StarryAI (Freemium)

StarryAI generates artistic images from text and photo inputs using AI. Its web and mobile apps make creation simple. Free tier available with paid subscriptions for more features.

13. Wombo (Freemium)

Wombo uses AI to turn text prompts into imaginative digital artworks. Stylized animations can also be generated. Limited free usage with paid subscriptions available.

14. Artbreeder (Free)

Artbreeder leverages AI to combine and evolve images into new artistic creations. A community allows sharing remixes. Focused on making AI art accessible to all.

15. Jasper AI (Free)

Jasper AI is a text-to-image generation tool focused on creative empowerment. It aims to make AI image creation easy and accessible to all. Completely free to use.

16. Photosonic (Freemium)

Photosonic provides generative capabilities to elevate photography. AI features include image upscaling, creating variations, and contextual text-to-image generation. Free tier available.

17. Shutterstock’s AI Tool (Subscription)

Shutterstock's AI tool allows members to generate images from text prompts leveraging generative adversarial networks. Requires paid Shutterstock subscription.

18. Bing Image Creator (Free)

Bing Image Creator allows generating new photographic images described in natural language text. Leverages generative AI and freely accessible to all.

And now let's put aside the usual top charts with the famous best items, if you know what I mean, and let's talk about some topics I think are important when it comes to Generative AI:

Evaluating Generative AI for Your Needs

When assessing generative AI tools for creative projects, some key aspects to consider include:

  • Output quality - Image resolution, realistic details, accuracy to prompts
  • Diversity - Variety of concepts and styles possible
  • Control - Ability to guide the creative process through prompts and iterations
  • Accessibility - Technical hurdles, cost, learning curve
  • Community - Resources for guidance and sharing art
  • Ethics - Potential issues like copyright, data biases, misuse

Ideally, look for responsive advanced models like DALL-E 2 combined with user-friendly interfaces like NightCafe Creator's. Weigh benefits against ethical concerns.

Generative AI and Digital Creativity

For digital artists and bloggers, AI generative models are opening exciting new creative frontiers. These tools can rapidly synthesize fresh imagery that would be implausible or extremely laborious to produce manually.

Bloggers can easily generate endless unique images to illustrate posts by creatively prompting tools like DALL-E 2, Midjourney and NightCafe. Abstract concepts become reality with AI's untiring digital imagination. Stock photos may fade into obsolescence.

However, concerns remain around proper crediting of AI art and potential for plagiarism or misuse. Ethical guidelines are still emerging. While AI can augment creativity, human ingenuity remains vital for originality and making meaning.

Prudently applied, generative AI may enhance - not replace - human creativity. Artists are using it as one tool among many to inspire new directions. But keeping humans firmly in the creative loop will be critical as these technologies advance.

The Future of Creativity and Generative AI

In coming years, expect exponential leaps in the capabilities of generative AI for producing digital media. As models grow more powerful and training resources expand, AI creativity will increasingly mirror and amplify human ingenuity in unpredictable ways.

However, thoughtfully fostering synergy between human and artificial creativity will be crucial to realizing generative AI's full positive potential while averting risks. Keeping diversity, transparency, access and human guidance at the core can help this technology flourish as a force for expanded creativity.

By proactively shaping its development today, we can steer generative AI on an inspired course - as a digital muse freely available to all, expanding creative possibilities beyond our imaginations.

Generative AI for Visual Content Creation in Barcelona

Barcelona is home to a thriving community of artists, designers and tech startups who are embracing these new generative AI tools for visual content creation. For example, the studio has produced exploratory art projects using Midjourney to imagine surreal architecture and urban scenes set in Barcelona. Local motion graphics studio Atua utilizes AI-assisted workflows with DALL-E 2 to rapidly iterate concept art and storyboards for animated films. The synthwave music label Dreamwave Records leverages Nightcafe Creator to generate retro futuristic artwork for its album covers. Across industries like media, design, fashion and gaming, Barcelona creatives are finding inventive ways to incorporate these AI tools into their process and harness them to amplify imagination and productivity.

Barcelona's growing technology and creative communities are rapidly adopting these generative AI tools for digital content creation. Startups are leveraging them to easily generate visual assets, while digital artists use them to augment their workflows. Barcelona's status as a hub for AI research and development ensures locals have early access to the latest innovations in generative image creation.